About Us

The Pretty Curls Club is the publishing company created by Emmy Award winning hairstylist Angela C. Styles that helps parents of   many nationalities celebrate their daughters’ hair texture in their formative years. Angela's First book "Hair” takes a playful dive into haircare and how it shapes identity, encouraging little girls to take pride in their differences.

Hair has always been a sensitive topic for women, due to significantly different textures in comparison to the age old beauty standard of straight perfect hair. These differences have created damaging and unhealthy views of textured hair starting at a young age. The Pretty Curls Club celebrates hair and its many differences by using imagination and wonder as a tool to instill hair education and individual confidence in little girls. Our motto, “That which makes you different, makes you beautiful.

Hair " is recommend for children of all ages. Readers can use it as learning tool packed with positive affirmations and life long hair care tips for the whole family!

We're just getting started!